Evangelical ‘Revoice’ Conference Aims to Normalize Homosexuality. Here’s Proof

Revoice seeks to establish a new category of Christians: “Gay Christians,” a notion which implies that God creates people to be gay, and insists they should cherish their gayness. While these groups and individuals always portray themselves as obedient to Church teaching, their aim is to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism, directly opposing church teaching. “Revoice is incremental gay activism, designed to eventually lure conservative evangelicals into accepting ‘gay Christianity,’” warned nationally syndicated Christian talk show host Janet Mefferd. Keynote speaker Wesley Hill has suggested, “Perhaps celibate gay and lesbian Christians, precisely in and out of their celibacy, are called to express, rather than simply renounce and deny, same-sex love.” “Being gay colors everything about me,” said Hill. “Being gay is, for me, as much a sensibility as anything else: a heightened sensitivity to and passion for same-sex beauty.” Another leader, Ron Belgau, claims that “the sexual aspect of Sodom’s sin involved gang rape, not a consensual and monogamous relationship between two men,” thus contorting Scripture to say that active homosexual relationships are AOK as long as they’re monogamous.
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