What Erdogan’s ‘Election’ Will Mean for Turkey — and the World

The re-election of Turkey’s President Erdogan has dire implications, both domestic and foreign. To engineer his victory, Erdogan severely limited free expression and the right of assembly, thus restricting the freedom of his rivals to campaign against him. Erdogan has closed nearly 180 media outlets and imprisoned in excess of 150 journalists. Currently, nearly all the print and online press along with radio and TV outlets are controlled directly or indirectly by his cronies. As such, he successfully deprived his competitors of press coverage during the campaign. He is silencing his rivals: presidential candidate and Kurdish Party leader Selahattin Demirtas has been imprisoned on politically motivated charges. The more than 3 million government employees and other institutions that depend partly or wholly on government support were warned that they would lose everything if they didn’t vote for Erdogan — and get their relatives to do the same. Having reached the pinnacle of power with effectively no constraints, Erdogan will undoubtedly pursue his nationalist themes and his Islamic agenda with even more vigor. He will also further aggressively pursue his drive to play a substantial economic, social, and political role in many countries in the Middle East and the Balkans.
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