Is America Finally Ending Funding for Palestinian Terrorism?

International criticism is growing of the Palestinian Authority (PA) textbooks used to teach Palestinian school children in the West Bank and Gaza. According to two recent studies, the PA curriculum incites hatred and violence against Jews and Israel, and fails to follow UNESCO standards of teaching peace and tolerance, and respect for the other. The studies have prompted the EU to pass legislation that restricts funds to schools whose lessons do not comply with UNESCO standards, and led the UK to state it was “very concerned” and would study the matter further. At the same time, the US has now withheld $65 million in payments to UNRWA, citing the need for unspecified reforms. The curriculum for 2017-2018 has ramped up its radicalism, and revives pan-Islamic and anti-Western indoctrination, including Salafist and Muslim Brotherhood themes. An IMPACT-se report claims that the PA curriculum places increased emphasis on the importance of war and jihad, and features “a dramatic rise in the presentation of the return of Palestinians into Israel proper.” Read more: