Federal Government Resources Used to Promote LGBT Pride Month

Federal Government Resources Used to Promote LGBT Pride – LGBT Pride Month events took place across numerous federal agencies, including National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Veterans Administration (VA), the Library of Congress (LOC) and, the National Park Service (NPS). The VA put on a drag show, which traditionally is a parade of men dressing in women’s clothing and make-up. “Welcome to the gayest show on Earth,” the MC said to open the show in the National Public Radio (NPR) report. “But first, I just have to say the VA is here for its queers,” the MC said. The CIA celebration was extensive and overseen in Washington, DC, by its new director, Gina Haspel, according to its website: During our keynote event held at CIA Headquarters the first week of June, Director Haspel introduced Major General (MG) Tammy Smith, the highest ranking and first openly gay general in US history. This event is one of several CIA activities celebrating Pride Month, including participation in the Capital DC Pride Festival and the 7th annual IC Pride Summit, of which CIA was a founder. — The Library of Congress featured discussions with authors who wrote books about homosexual romance. “The library’s month-long celebration demonstrates how lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans have strengthened our country, by using their talent and creativity to help create awareness and goodwill,” the LOC website states. — NASA joined the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade in June and also had a booth. The National Park Service has a striking photograph on its website of NPS employees — federal employees — marching with rainbow flags and celebrating the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City. This year NPS, according to a blog on its website, is already looking forward to next year’s Pride Month.
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