Separation of Church & State Doesn’t Apply to Islam: Muslim Prof Makes Students Take Shoes Off, Honor Allah

In addition to requiring that his students remove their shoes before entering his office, a Muslim professor in Connecticut is demanding that they say, “Bismillah” – which is Arabic for “in the name of Allah.” University of Connecticut Biology professor Felix Coe told non-Muslim students that it would “be a curse” to have them enter his office with dirty shoes. An individual recorded Coe on video late last year as he was uttering the demand. Constitutional Coalition CEO Donna Hearne contended that the professor needs to know this is simply not acceptable in America. “You cannot require that, and for him to require shoes [to] be taken off and all of the window dressings of a Muslim just because he wants it – because he feels that it’s his right to require that because that’s where he stands – that doesn’t happen in America,” Hearne insisted.
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