Mona Charen Wanted to Be Called ‘Timmy’ as a Child, Thankful She Didn’t Grow Up in Today’s LGBT Culture

The conservative author, columnist and speech writer has spoken out about the dangers of modern feminism and the transgender identity push on children. At one point in her childhood, she wanted people to call her “Timmy.” But like most children in that situation, Charen eventually grew out of that phase in her life. “I obviously grew out of it,” Charen explained. “From what I can tell from looking at the literature, most children who say at some point during their childhood that they identify as the other sex grow out of it. They go through puberty and they grow out of it.” Charen fears that something as innocent as a young child wanting to be called another name in today’s LGBT-inclusive culture could lead parents to push their kids into pursuing an identity in the opposite sex and possibly push them down a road of irreversible gender treatment at an age when they are not mature enough to make such drastic life decisions. Statistics from the fifth edition of American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders indicate that the persistence of gender dysphoria in children does not often persist into adulthood.
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