Disappointing Capitulation: Christian Charity Agrees to Work with LGBT Couples to Resume Foster Care Work in Philly

Bethany Christian Services in Philadelphia has confirmed that it changed its policies to allow staff to work with same-sex couples interested in fostering children. The move comes after the city stopped placing foster children with Bethany Christian Services and Catholic Social Services because the organizations prohibited the placement of children with same-sex couples. After capitulating, Bethany Christian Services issued a fawning statement: “We appreciate the city’s decision to allow Bethany Christian Services to continue to serve foster youth throughout the Philadelphia community.” The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Bethany Christian Services has partnered with the Mayor’s Office of LGBT Affairs to train staff on “cultural competency for serving individuals and same sex couples who are LGBTQ.” Meanwhile, Catholic Social Services continues its legal battle with the city over the matter. The organization has strongly stated that it will not change its policies and argues that city is violating the organization’s First Amendment right to act in accordance with Catholic teachings on marriage. The city has not only threatened to stop placing foster children with Catholic Social Services but warned that it would terminate its relationship with the agency altogether. In doing so, it would force the agency to “begin the process of shutting down.”
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