Air Controllers “Diversity and Inclusion” Scheme Harms Airline Safety

In 2013, President Obama-appointed FAA Administrator Michael Huerta announced plans to “transform the (FAA) into a more diverse and inclusive workplace.” As a result, the FAA opened air traffic control training to “off-the-street hires” — any English-speaking citizen with a high school diploma — despite the fact that many high school diplomas are of little value or even fraudulent. Applicants are required to complete a biographical questionnaire. Those who “pass” are deemed eligible. The questionnaire gives more points to an applicant who answers that he has not been employed in the previous three years than it does to an applicant who answers that he has been a pilot or is a veteran with an air traffic control-related military background. In addition, it was determined that the workforce was too white, resulting in the FAA hiring half of new controllers based on race.
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