A Rare Case of Abortionist Paying a Price for An Abortion Gone Wrong

Two years ago, Robert Rho performed an abortion on 30-year-old Jaime Morales who was 26 weeks pregnant. But something went terribly wrong. Troy Newman of Operation Rescue says Rho lacerated her cervix and uterine artery, and she suffered serious bleeding as a result. “[Morales] was bleeding internally so badly, he actually stitched her cervix together to keep the blood from coming out externally,” says Newman. “She was almost passing out and had to be propped up and sent out the door.” Morales then bled to death in the back seat of her sister’s car. Newman cautions that the case of Rho is not rare and the difference this time, he says, is the abortionist was caught.” They’re not trained. They’re shoddy. They’re snake oil salesmen,” Newman says of abortionists: “They have no real experience in surgery and if complications occur like this, they simply don’t know what to do.” The panicked abortionist, he adds, is often too scared to call 9-1-1. Rho has pleaded guilty to criminal negligent homicide has been sentenced to 15 months to four years for the crime.
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