Young Women are Giving up on Children: They Choose to be Unfruitful wives, Unfaithful mothers

One day in New Jersey, years ago, I was standing on a train platform waiting to catch a train into New York City. Seeing well-dressed young women waiting at the platform, on their way to work, I thought: How many of these women are committing themselves to a life of single-hearted devotion to Mammon, the god of the world, without reaping any of the benefits that would arise from a life dedicated to the true God? They are celibate, after a fashion, but they are not virgins; they make sacrifices day after day, but reap no salvation from them, and bring no immortal souls into the world. They might have sex, but no children; thus, they lose the chief glory and merit of the married woman. Once they have a child, they then frequently hand over the burden of childcare to someone else, losing the greatest opportunity and privilege of all, that of nurturing and educating their own offspring.
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