‘Crisis of Democracy’: N.Y. Times Op-Ed Supports Abusing Republicans in Public, Ignores Liberals Shooting, Beating Conservatives

Michelle Goldberg’s op ed attempts to justify the abuse Republicans and Trump administration officials have been subjected to in recent years. Goldberg falsely paints liberals as peaceful, unarmed saints who have reached the limit of their patience and are forced to confront evil Republicans. These radical leftists define “democracy” as straight majority rule–mob rule, as has been witnessed this past week in mob actions against female GOP government officials Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Pam Bondi and Kirstjen Nielsen. Other examples of liberal violence against conservatives include a Republican Congressman grievously wounded in an attempted mass shooting of Republican lawmakers, Trump supporters viciously attacked at campaign rallies, and a limo set ablaze at Trump’s inauguration. Goldberg misrepresents Antifa, the violent organized wing of liberalism that riots and attacks conservatives in public. Goldberg falsely claims that these radical activists do not carry “assault weapons,” when that has occurred many times in states that allow open carry.
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