Sex Toy CEO Gives $2M for Transgender Clinic at Children’s Hospital; Activists Call It ‘Grooming’

The CEO of a sex toy company is making $2 million donation to a transgender clinic at an Ohio children’s hospital, a move some say highlights the “dark underbelly” of transgender activism. Chris is also the president of Pure Romance, a multimillion dollar company that sells sexual lubricants and sex toys, among other things. Some believe the large monetary gift to this cause reveals a disturbing connection. “I’ve been participating in real-life activism against the transgender trend for over two years because I saw what was happening to the children caught up in its lies: permanent physical harm to their young bodies,” said Emily Zinos, project coordinator for Ask Me First MN, in an email to The Christian Post Friday. “Unbelievably, I’ve been called a bigot for drawing attention to the fact that teenagers are routinely sterilized by transgender medical treatments and for connecting the dots between well-funded intrusions into public schools by radical transgender activists and an increase in young kids identifying as trans,” Zinos added.
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