End Times Alert: Hostility toward Christians in 144 Nations a New High

The latest research shows that hostility toward Christians is proliferating worldwide, as more and more nations are targeting believers in Christ than any other faith. “The most widely targeted groups in 144 and 142 countries respectively were Christians and Muslims – the world’s two largest religious groups,” the Pew Research Center announced. It was further noted that persecution against each of these religious groups and other faiths has risen over the years. “Christian groups were harassed in 144 nations (up from 128 in 2015)” World Watch Monitor pointed out from the Pew study. “The report found that ‘Christians are harassed in more countries by governments (114 countries) than by social groups (107 countries).’” When it comes to aggressive attacks on citizens for practicing their faith, China beats out the rest of the governments in the world. “The rigidly atheist Communist regime banned the online purchase of Bibles earlier this year, following efforts to raze churches and remove Christian symbols from home years prior,” CT’s Griffin Paul Jackson noted from Pew’s research. “The Communist Party of China’s ‘control over religion is to be exerted not only through law, but also by reconciling religious doctrine with the party’s socialist values,’ wrote Brent Fulton in a 2016 analysis for CT.”
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