Yet Another “Refugees Welcome” Activist Murdered by Muslim Extremists

Sophia Lösche is yet another leftist extinguished by the totalitarian entity she worshiped. The 28-year-old “German immigrant activist” was recently murdered by a Muslim migrant. As Robert Spencer has aptly noted, “Lösche no doubt explained to many people who questioned her work with Muslim migrants that the ‘refugees’ were not dangerous.” This latest, but very expected, murder, brings attention to leftists habitually sacrificing not only others’, but also their own lives in their romance with Jihad and Sharia. Lösche is only the latest of a string of political pilgrims who perpetually shed their own blood in their dalliance with tyranny and terror. These anti-West and anti-Israel activists learn all too late the true nature of those they ventured to the Middle East to support, as they are raped, brutalized, and murdered by the very people whose violent cause they championed.
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