Mom says, N.J. School Tried to Make My Kid Muslim – Judge Allows Suit to Proceed

A federal judge refused to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a Chatham mother who says the school district forced her son to watch Islamic conversion videos and ignored the study of Christianity and Judaism. Her son was taking a World Cultures and Geography class at Chatham Middle School. He was forced to watch two videos and do a worksheet that promoted and advanced the Islamic religion under the threat of lower grades, she alleges in the suit. An “Intro to Islam Video” and “The 5 Pillars of Islam” were assigned for students to watch at home, without supervision, and did not include a disclaimer that the content does not represent the views or opinions of the school district. Students also had to do a fill-in-the-blank version of the shahada, the Islamic conversion creed and prayer, which contained a link to a webpage that explains “the ease with which they could convert to become Muslim,” the lawsuit says.
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