Hope for Europe? Italy Defies EU by Turning Away Boats Filled with Undocumented Economic Migrants Which are Overwhelming European Social Services

Italy will continue to block boats carrying migrants looking to dock in its ports, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini announced Saturday. The position escalates the new populist government’s fight with other European countries on migration and asylum, thorny issues that have spurred intense debate in the U.S. as well. The huge numbers of illegal aliens across Europe has been associated with soaring crime rates, including rapes and violent assaults as well as migrant populated “no-go” zones where Europeans fear to go. Salvini said that Italy “no longer wants to be complicit in the business of illegal immigration,” and such boats will have to find other non-Italian ports at which to dock. Italy’s tough stance on migration comes as populist and anti-migration parties surge across the continent.
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