Controversial Video Features TV Host Talking to Children About ‘Gay Pride’: ‘It’s the Celebration of Sexual Diversity’

A video recorded for “Pride Month” is raising concern as it features a Canadian television host talking to young children about “gay pride” and explaining to the boys and girls that she herself questioned her sexuality as a child in liking a female actress, who she watched nude in a film “several times.” The video, which has been viewed over two million times features MTV, CTV and CW host Jessi Cruickshank. “Happy pride everybody!” she exclaims to the children, waving a rainbow flag. “Who here knows what gay pride means?” “It means where all the gay people, lesbian, transgender, bisexual people gather up and celebrate,” one little girl responds. “That’s absolutely right. It’s a celebration of sexual diversity,” Cruickshank states, the room decorated with balloons that include rainbows and kid-friendly smileys. She then tells the children that while she is not homosexual herself, she considers herself an ally. “Are you gay allies?” Cruickshank asks. “Definitely,” one girl replies, and the others also answer in the affirmative.
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