Dad Shares Heartbreaking Testimony of Abortion: ‘I’m a Father of 5 … but I Only Got to Raise 3’

Another man describes in detail the horror of what he saw and the emptiness he experienced as a result. “I remember the whir of the motor and seeing these tubes that were being filled with red and white and the sound of suction. It all stopped. The room was silent and they said, ‘We’re done.’” The man adds, “It was too easy. It was too quick. I wish that someone had been out in front of that Planned Parenthood … just to offer information and alternatives. I wish that there had been opportunities to know about other choices.” One of the men later explains how the abortions affected him and his partner afterward. “It didn’t just mess me up, it messed her up as well,” he says. “Mentally, emotionally. We both started drinking heavily and using drugs.”
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