The Coming Storm in Israel: A Confluence of Major Events, within the Country and Beyond, Threatens Serious Violence in the Days Ahead

One former Israeli intelligence chief has already called this month “the most dangerous May since 1967,” alluding to the anxious eve of the June 1967 war. At its height, the demonstrations drew 40,000 people on a single day between five different locations up and down the coastal territory. Ahead of next week, Hamas leaders are vowing to unleash “the mother of all marches”; some Israeli officials now worry about 100,000 protestors, and perhaps more, coming out. There is no effective Israeli military response to such a development. “Imagine if 13,000 [protestors] break through [at one location], with a total loss of control,” a senior Israeli officer responsible for Gaza warned, “There would be a major loss of life. … We would be on the verge of war.”
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