Chick-fil-A Stands up to Furor over Donations: ‘We Have a Higher Calling’

A top executive at popular fast-food restaurant Chick-fil-A responded to the recent wave of bans from airports and college campuses and renewed calls for a boycotts because of its charitable foundation’s donations to faith-based groups.  In an interview with Business Insider, Rodney Bullard, executive director for the Chick-fil-A Foundation, said their mission of helping the community outweighs the outrage of pro-LGBT groups over contributions to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Salvation Army. Chick-fil-A gave $1,653,416 to the fellowship and $150,000 to the Salvation Army in 2017, according to tax filings released earlier this year.  Read more:

Democrats Nix ‘So Help Me God’ from Swearing-in Oath

Since taking control of the House, Democrat leaders of several key committees have nixed the phrase “so help me God” from a swearing-in oath for individuals testifying before them.  “I think God belongs in religious institutions: in temple, in church, in cathedral, in mosque — but not in Congress,” said Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee. What Republicans are doing, he continued, “is using God.”  “And God doesn’t want to be used,” he said.  Rev. Franklin Graham has blasted the move as backward.  “We need more of God, not less! What @RepCohen is suggesting is what Communism did in Eastern Europe & is still doing in places around the world like Cuba.”  Read more:

Socialists ganging up with Islamists To Bring Down America

Crickets followed radio talk show host Glenn Beck’s announcement on his radio show yesterday that “Faiz Shakir is Bernie Sanders’ new campaign manager.  Socialists and Islamists are working together for the destruction of the Free Market in the West and Israel,” Beck said.  Both the Democrat Party and the media continue the wild goose chase to prove the Russians-stole-the-election-from-Hillary-Clinton conspiracy while completely ignoring that the Socialists have ganged up with the Islamists to bring down the country that pays their freight.  Read more:

BREAKING: Ontario Appeal’s Court Rules Christian Doctors Must Participate in Abortion, Euthanasia

BREAKING: Ontario Appeal’s Court Rules Christian Doctors Must Participate in Abortion, Euthanasia – An Ontario appeal court struck a blow against religious freedom today, ruling that the right of doctors to conscientiously object to participating in abortion and euthanasia is trumped by their patient’s right to equitable access to health care.  In a unanimous decision released Wednesday, the appeal judges quashed a Charter challenge by Christian doctors to a College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSO) policy.  The CPSO policy requires doctors who object to abortion, euthanasia, and other morally objectionable “medical services” to give patients seeking these services an “effective referral” that is, to an accessible colleague willing to do the act.  Read more:

In Memoriam: Tim Conway, Family-Friendly Funnyman

While playing football in high school, Conway got hit in the spine, but went to play football the next weekend, where he was playing with a broken back and didn’t know it.  Years later, a doctor told Conway that a current health problem could be related to his broken back.  “I got in touch with the man upstairs,” he told Arroyo, “and said, “Thank you very much.  And, I became a Catholic. I’ve never sworn in front of an audience. I’ve tried to remain something, if people came to see the show, that they could enjoy with children.”  Conway believed that THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW, which reached No. 13 in the ratings, endured because it didn’t offend anyone.  Read more:

Transgender Powerlifter Stripped of Women’s Records because He is Male

A biologically male trans-identified powerlifter who broke four world records last month during a women’s weightlifting competition in Virginia has been stripped of titles and medals because organizers say the lifter should have been classified as “male.”  “Mary” Gregory, who made headlines last month for breaking four women’s records at a 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation event is now “infuriated” after the federation moved to disqualify Gregory’s lifts from its April 27 competition.  Earlier this month, the federation’s president Paul Bossi issued a statement explaining why “no female records will be broken” by Gregory’s lifts.  Read more:

Radical Muslim Travels to Canada, Cuts Chilling Video Warning He Is There to Kill Christian Pakistani Dissident Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi, a poor farm laborer and Christian mother of five, was released in October 2018 from prison in Pakistan after being jailed on blasphemy charges. Bibi was convicted on blasphemy charges in 2009 after a quarrel with a fellow farmworker who accused her of insulting Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.  Bibi was not allowed to leave Pakistan until her trial was over. She finally fled to Canada this week.  And already at least one radical Muslim has traveled to Canada to murder Asia Bibi.  He posted a chilling video in which professes that he a beloved believer of Islam will slay the blasphemer Asia Bibi.  Read more: